Fair Look

It helps to maintain a light complexion, minimize scars, blemish & pigmentation, improves the health of skin.

Each Pack Contains:

1. Fairness Lotion

Composition:- PVR, PG, Polysorber 80,sunflower Oil, Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Carbomer, MPS, PPS, EDTA Di Sodium, Glycerin, Titanium Di Oxide, TEA, 2 phenoxy ethnol, Vit.A, Vit.E, Vit.K, DM water, Perfume.

Directions for Use:

2. Sunscreen Lotion SPF 20

Composition :- Cetyl Alcohol, LLP, CCTG, Olive oil, E Wax, IPM, OMC,MPS, PPS, EDTA Di, sodium, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Di Oxide, TEA, 2 phenoxy ethanol, Benzophenon- 3, Avobenzon, DM water, Perfume.

Directions for Use:


For external use only
No harmful chemicals

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Fair Look Pro


Fairness Facial Kit

Fairness treatment is a miraculous utilizing benefits of Nano LPDs and Resins along with Gold and Actiwhite For a fairer skin tone while reducing wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging.
Makes Skin Up to 5 Tones fairer.
Reduces acne and other skin problem.
Detoxify and cleanses the skin.
Gives a healthy younger- looking skin.

Each Pack Contains:

Face & Body Pack 300 gm
Fairness Cream 300 gm
Day Cream With SPF 40 30 gm
Fairness Night Gel 30 gm

1. Fairness Cream:- Made from multi Vitamin, Gold Flakes, reduce the appearance of wrinkle, fine lines, tan, and blemishes and improves skin colour & texture. Leaves your face looking years younger.

2. Face & Body pack:- This natural oil free pack contains anti- bacterial agents to remove excess oil, sebum & fights against Acne & Pimple which helps in reducing Redness and Flakiness.

DIRECTION OF USE:- Apply fair look pro plus paste on face, avoiding eyes & lips, leave it for 15 minutes, wash with cold clean water. Apply twice a week.

3. Fairness Night Gel:- This aloe vera gel soothes, refresh and moisturize the skin. Highly emollient aloe vera supplies additional nourishment.

DIRECTION OF USE:Apply Fair look pro plus Fairness night gel on face at night and gently massage till absorbed.

4. Day Cream with SPF 40:- It gives long lasting protection from UV rays & provides skin nutrition & Nourishment. An ideal moisturizer, leaving the skin fresh, soft & hydrated.

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Some F.A.Q’s

What is Fair Look?
Fair Look is an effective fairness crème that makes you look beautiful and charming. The product is made up of Gold, Kesar, Actiwhite and Olive extracts that help in decreasing the melanin content in your skin in order to provide natural and permanent fairness. The product is demagogically tested and is the result of deep researches on skin science. It also protects the skin and nourishes it to provide natural glow along with reduced signs of aging.
How it works?
The fair look treatment comprises of two amazing products Fair Look Fairness Cream and Fair look Moisturizing Cream with SPF-40 that together helps in bringing the best results for your skin. The Fair Look fairness crème helps in naturally providing the fairer skin tone. On the other hand the Fair Loo moisturizing cream with SPF-40 prevents skin against environmental damage and keeps it younger, whiter and fresh.
What does the Fair Look package contains?
The Fair Look treatment package includes two different products-
1. Fair Look Fairness Cream
2. Fair look Moisturizing Cream with SPF-40

Our Customer's Reviews

I had a darker skin tone then my sister because of which I feel less confident and even sometimes get jealous of her. I tried many products but nothing worked much. Then my sister only bought FAIR LOOk for me. And I now love both of them my sister as well as FAIR LOOk. The product has changed me inside out. I am fairer and much confident than ever before."


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